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Dagmar (Czech Republic)

I spent a delightful ten days at Nelson Home Study in Malpas village. Although it was November the weather was excellent. I love the English language and this opportunity for one-to-one English at Tricia's lovely house was a really great experience!

Tricia perceptively diagnosed my weaknesses in English and focused on them when teaching me. I felt very happy and relaxed with Tricia and Greg and we enjoyed a lot of fun together. I quickly improved because we practised everything I learnt during our walks along the coastal path by the wonderful Atlantic Ocean. I fell in love with Cornwall and hope to return soon. 

Lisa (Germany)

To stay and learn in Tricia's house is like a 'synthesis of the arts' - wonderful healthy meals, a sunny room and a competent and patient Tricia who took time for me and my lessons whenever I wanted or needed them.

She showed me the beautiful landscape of Cornwall, told me about the history and countryside and gave me the feeling of becoming a friend. And when I left this cheerful house after two weeks, I was a friend. Thank you Tricia and Greg for this unique experience.

Karin (Switzerland)

I spent a wonderful time in Cornwall thanks to Tricia and Greg. I improved my English skills with Tricia's tuition in a very targeted and systematic way. It was all about the English language of course but it was much more - visiting many interesting places with a lot of background information, sailing, walks by the sea, opera visit, mealtimes with discussions about politics, history, books, films etc., The wonderful house, the fine food, many cream teas - it was a really intensive holiday.

Ich verbrachte dank Tricia und Greg eine wunderbare Zeit in Cornwall und gleichzeitig verbesserte ich mit Tricias Unterricht mein Englisch ganz gezielt. Natrlich ging es mir ums Englischlernen, aber es war viel mehr: wir haben viele interessante Orte besucht, gesegelt, dem Meer entlang gewandert, eine Oper besucht, Mahlzeiten mit Diskussionen ber Politik, Geschichte, Bcher, Filme, etc., ein wunderschnes Haus, feines Essen, viele 'Cream Teas', ... es waren wirklich intensive Ferien.

Mario (Spain)

My experience at Nelson Home Study was really incredible. At the house you have a variety of language resources to allow you to dedicate yourself fully to learning English. Tricia is able to combine discipline and academic intensity with leisure time - always in English. The atmosphere at the house is very relaxed and I particularly remember mealtimes with Greg when we spent hours chatting. To me it is the perfect way to do an intensive, immersion course and to gain confidence in only a few weeks.

Mi experiencia en Nelson Home Study fue realmente increíble. En casa dispones de todas las comodidades posibles para que puedas dedicarte completamente a aprender inglés. Tricia es capaz de combinar la disciplina y la intensidad académica con momentos de ocio, siempre en inglés. El ambiente es casa es muy familiar, recuerdo especialmente las cenas con Greg donde pasábamos horas charlando. Me parece el sistema perfecto para hacer un curso de inmersión intensivo y ganar confianza en cuestión de semanas.

Jiri (Czech Republic)

I consider the English course at Nelson Home Study a key experience in my learning of English. Tricia speaks English very clearly which gives confidence to a student who feels insecure in understanding speakers who speak fast or have a regional accent. The one-to-one study is much more efficient than studying in a class. Tricia provides a diagnosis of each student's English and identifies his/her weak points. She also, in a very flexible way, concentrates on your concrete needs - in my case academic English and academic text writing. You have at your disposal a great variety of study aids and Tricia gives advice about which one would be suitable for your future study.

As well as studying English everything else was great: Tricia and Greg's company, a beautiful house with amazing views of the estuary and trips around Cornwall.  I really enjoyed it.

Markus (Germany)

Tricia will identify your weak areas in English and help you to improve them. The Nelson Home Study experience gives you individual coaching and teaching in all areas of the English language. I have always felt welcome and enjoyed my time at Nelson Home Study in Cornwall (I have been there twice). This is due to the combination of Tricia's holistic teaching approach, the unique learning environment plus both Tricia and her husband's personalities.

Brigitta & Ernst (Switzerland) 

My husband and I wanted to improve our English and at the same time enjoy a holiday. We were very happy to find Nelson Home Study. This was exactly what we were searching for - English all day!

My husband liked to have a lot of grammar lessons. I preferred the interesting conversation with Tricia and Greg, the lovely meals, the nice house with the wonderful view, all the walks by the sea and the special trips with Tricia in the afternoons. For both of us this was the best chance to improve our English and enjoy a holiday at the same time. 




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